Hot Chestnut UG is John Chaudhry and DeAnn Cougler.

The company traces its origins back to a late summer afternoon in Munich, when John and DeAnn started to brainstorm ways to promote their favourite places to go for meals or entertainment. They quickly realized that modern mobile phone technology was the best means to this end.

There's been some interesting times (and we welcome anyone from Holywood who wants to make a film about it) and we are now looking at some new ideas in the same technical area.

The name Hot Chestnut touches on the English and German love of chestnuts (Maroni) in the winter and everyone’s love of sitting under chestnut trees in the beer gardens of Munich for the rest of the year.

The team

John is an international IT manager who has delivered IT technical services and all sorts of projects across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Outside of work he’s looking for the ultimate curry.

DeAnn, with a background in product localization management and technical writing, works on the human side of the equation and supports the guys in explaining the technical to non-technical people. You can always impress her with a nice bottle of red wine.


High quality products are our passion!


Need more information? Drop a note!

Clemensstraße 90
80796 München

Email: info@hotchestnut.de