We help businesses, social organisations and others communicate with their customers and members.



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Restaurants, wine shops, delicatessens and others – tell your customers about your special offers, events and send other announcements.

We provide a simple online form to do this. No need to worry about designs, just send your messages out.

For more information contact us at info@hotchestnut.de.

Using FAYM your favourite businesses can send you alerts about their special offers, events or anything else. You can add these to your mobile phone’s calendar or remove them if they are not of interest.

The FAYM app is free for you and you can receive messages from many businesses on it. No login is required – we won’t take any details from you.

Businesses which use FAYM will probably have a sticker on the window, and flyers in their shops. You’ll also see their name in the pull-down list in My faves on your app.

If your favourite business doesn’t use FAYM let them know. Or send their details to us at info@hotchestnut.de


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